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JULY 17, 18, 19   |   1PM – 3PM EST

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"I knew Darla was savvy and skilled from the moment I met her. Her corporate experience served her well as we worked together during the recession to generate fundraising dollars for a local organization. In the process of this partnership, I watched her work with every company leadership team to determine how their needs could best be met and watched her bring together executives from all walks of life who still cared about charitable giving but also had shareholders to whom we were all accountable. She singlehandedly helped our company generate over $1.5M in revenue in 2010 alone from new business from her connecting us to other businesses. Those companies continued to do business with us with multi-year contracts from her strategies. She is a bridge builder, thought provoking leader, fiercely creative problem solver and I would trust her to handle any crisis, problem or improvement needed in any firm."

– BOB S.

Retired CEO

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